Your end of year process when migrating over Summer

If you are migrating over the summer holidays, you'll need to think about the next academic year and the best way to mange this prior to your migration. Here are our recommendations.

When should we complete our end of year promotions?

This is called the New School Year Setup process in Arbor.

You should complete this process in your current system prior to your migration date. This means you don't have the stress of having to do this in a new system you're not familiar with, and your new setup will migrate ready for September.

Are our Applicants and admissions migrated?

Click here for further information on what migrates: How do we migrate Applicants and Admissions?

What if we have a timetable to import?

We migrate your timetable directly from SIMS or other MIS providers, so there is no need to upload this separately after migration.

You are able to make minor changes and tweaks directly in Arbor, but if you require a timetable re-import due to large changes, you can import from TimeTabler or Edval.

Please note that you cannot import from Nova T into Arbor, so you would need to make changes manually in Arbor, or move to TimeTabler or Edval.

How do we add students to our live site?

Once you are live in September, you can enrol your applicants. Follow this guide from step 7.

Do we need to complete the New School Year Setup in Arbor?

If you've completed the end of year processes in your previous system, you won't need to complete the New School Year Setup in Arbor.

Please note though that the pages in Arbor will show as incomplete or locked rather than complete. You can ignore this.


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