Can we notify teachers when a new student joins their class?

When using certain methods to enrol students into new classes, you can choose to notify teachers that new students will be joining them.

Where can this feature be used?

You can use this feature when following the Enrolling into lessons manually or Using our bulk enrolment page options in this article: Bulk enrol students into lesson registers

You can also use this feature when adding students to courses from with a course. Go to School > Programmes > Courses and select the course (you may need to click + to reach the bottom-level course). You can then click +Add in the Enrolled Students section.

This option is unticked by default, but just tick the box to send the notification to the teachers of the class they'll be joining.



How are the staff notified?

The staff members will receive an email, and a notification in the Alerts section on their homepage.




Which staff are notified?

You can check which staff this will be by going to School > Programmes > Courses and selecting the course (you may need to click + to reach the bottom-level course).

The staff members notified will be all the staff listed as staff in the Classes & lessons section. This will include your academic leads, and staff added to the timetable slots.



Where can this feature not be used?

This feature only exists for the pages detailed above, and can't be used when:

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