Automatically set ILR Outcome Grades from Exam Results

Schools that complete the ILR have to set an Outcome Grade value for students when they complete their one or two-year Programme of Study. There's no need to add this manually, as you can set this automatically from the exam result for the Qualification Award linked to the Programme of Study.

Step 1 - Check Programmes of Study

Check that Programmes of Study are set up, and that there is a Linked qualification award.

If you have added a placeholder instead, we will still attempt to pull results. However, if the QAN (qualification award reference) belongs to multiple awards (e.g. for Maths, the Higher award and the foundation Award), we won’t be able to pull results and the grade column will be blank.

Step 2 - Check exam results

Make sure that when results become available, that you have added them into Arbor.

Step 3 - See the Outcome Grades

Once exam results are entered into Arbor, go to School > School Structure > Programmes of Study. Select the relevant programme and programme instance.

The student’s exam grade will show in the Outcome Grade column.


How does this work with Exam Embargo?

This functionality will follow any embargo settings for exam results, so only users exempt from embargo settings can see the suggested result prior to the embargo date and time.

How can we change the Outcome Grade?

Outcome Grades can be amended on a case by case-by-case basis. You can still type in your own grades, select 'Not set' to blank out the suggestion, or set them in bulk manually.

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