Programmes of Study for the ILR

Programmes of study should be used to record year 12 and year 13 student's courses and which course is their Main Programme (also known as a Core aim in Arbor).

This information is recorded and output in the Individualised Learner Record (ILR) Return for stand-alone Post-16 providers.


Please see our guidance here: T-levels for the ILR


Setting up Programmes of Study

Step 1 - Add the programme

Go to School > School Structure > Programmes of Study and click +Add to add a new programme.

Choose the name of the Programme, an optional short name and whether the Programme is a Traineeship. Click Add Programme.

Top Tip: If the programme is a traineeship for only some of the students, we'd recommend setting up two separate programmes.

add programme.png


You will then be able to add programme instances. An instance is a time period within which a Programme is delivered. Click +Add to add an Instance.

add instance.png


In the slide over, add the details of the programme instance:

  • Planned dates - Make sure the planned start and end date span two years if the programme is two years long. Make sure the planned end date is on or before July 31st.
  • Programme classification - Select from Programme Aim, Component learning aim within a programme, Learning aim that is not part of a programme or Core aim (16 to 19 excluding apprenticeships funded learning aims) only. Top Tip: We recommend filling this in if all students within the programme should have the same value.
  • Programme type - can be left blank if not applicable.
  • Funding model - Top Tip: We recommend filling this in if all students within the programme should have the same value.
  • Source of funding - Top Tip: We recommend filling this in if all students within the programme should have the same value.
  • Planned Learning Hours - Add in the planned learning hours for the first year the programme is running (you'll be able to add in additional year's hours once the instance has been created)
  • Linked qualification award - You will have needed to first set this up in your qualification offering in the Examinations section - see how to do this here. If the basedata for a qualification hasn't yet been released, you'll need to instead put in a placeholder name and reference.

Screenshot 2024-01-09 at 14.18.32.png


You must set up an instance for each cohort of your students. For example, if your Year 12s study maths for two years, your programme instance must span a two-year period. When that year group become year 13s, you would set up another programme instance for your new year 12s.

  • Clicking into a programme instance, you'll see that if the programme runs for two years, you'll need to fill in the learning hours for the second year. If you don't see the second year here, it means you haven't yet created the next academic year. You can either wait to fill the hours in when the year is created, or create the year by following step 1 in this article
  • Add in the hours for the second year, then click Save Changes. The hours are usually the same each year but can be different.

two instances.png

Step 2 - Link the programme to a course

In the programme instance, click +Add in the Courses section.

add courses.png


Choose a course from your timetable to link the programme to.

Please note: This does not link enrolments. You'll need to enrol students into the programme instance even if they are already enrolled in the course. If you need to remove students, you need to remove them from both the course and the programme separately.


Step 3 - Enrol the students

In the programme instance, you'll see a table for enrolled students. Enrol students by clicking +Add.

Screenshot 2024-02-07 at 08.12.44.png


Select whether to select the students to enrol, or automatically add students from particular classes.

Screenshot 2024-02-14 at 10.03.34.png


If selecting particular students, select the students to enrol in the programme. Top Tip: Search for a course name to add the whole course at once.

Screenshot 2024-02-14 at 10.18.32.png


If selecting to enrol students from a course, you can use the Student Groups selector to filter down the list of courses by year. You can then select the courses in the Courses box. All students in the courses selected will be added to the programme.

Screenshot 2024-02-14 at 10.20.46.png


Add further details in the slide over:

  • Planned start and end date
  • For planned learning hours, if the number of hours is different for these students then you can add a new number of hours here. If you have a two-year programme and have set up the next year you'll see a box for each year. 
  • For Programme Aim Type, we've by default set this to 16 to 19 study programme, but you can change this to T level or T level transition programme if needed.
  • Programme classification, Programme Type, Funding Model and Source of funding will be filled in based on what you put for the programme.
  • Prior Learning Funding Adjustment - This field is to record the Percentage of course left for the Student to study, to enable correct calculation of funding for learners who are not entitled to full funding for the learning aim.
  • Other Funding Adjustment - To adjust funding for this learning aim in specific circumstances as instructed by the ESFA.
  • Outcomes would be filled in once complete
  • Full funding indicator - only needed for Adult Skills, Other Adult, Skills Bootcamps and Community Learning.
  • Workplace learning
  • EEF Eligibility
  • Community learning provision type
  • LDM Codes - These are taken from the DfE's Learning Delivery Monitoring guidance. If you need to add more than 4, please contact Arbor.
  • If any of your learners receive Adult Skills Funding, record DAM (Devolved Area Monitoring) codes 1-4.
  • Special Project Code - No Longer Applicable
  • Percentage online delivery - No Longer Applicable
  • Framework/Pathway code - Only required for apprenticeships or T-levels

Screenshot 2024-02-14 at 10.18.56.png


You can then see the table of enrolled students.

Screenshot 2024-01-09 at 14.51.56.png



Add Learning Support Funding

If you need to record this, click into a student's programme enrolment.

Click Add Learning Support Funding in the slide over. 

Screenshot 2024-02-07 at 08.35.53.png


Select the funding type from the slide over (there is currently only Learning Support Funding) and click Save.

Screenshot 2024-02-07 at 08.36.35.png


To remove it, click on the student and scroll down in the slide over. Click on the funding.

Screenshot 2024-02-07 at 08.37.42.png


On the next slide over, click Delete.

Screenshot 2024-02-07 at 08.38.38.png


Ending a programme for a student by completion, withdrawal or transferring

When students leave a course, or your school, you must also manually end their enrolment into the Programme of Study, as these two areas are not linked. 

You can use the same bulk actions as described here to do this: Programmes of Study

You will also need to add their Outcomes, which you can see how to do here: Set ILR Outcome Grades

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