Can we change the price of a Trip?

You can change trip prices before the trip or after it takes place.

However, when trip prices are changed, students who have already paid will not have their invoice changed or price updated. This is why we recommend:

  • you have your prices decided before setting up the trip
  • the trip price is the full amount of the trip including the deposit, rather than initially just the deposit amount

Amending the trip prices

Editing a price

To change the price, go to School > Activities > Trips. Click on the trip then select More information.



In the Trip Prices section, click +Add to add an additional price for a different groups of students, or click on the existing price to edit it.

You'll see that any students who signed up before the price was changed will still have the original price applied.



Deleting a price

To delete a price, go to School > Activities > Trips. Click on the trip then select More information.

In the Trip Prices section, select the price then click the Bulk action button.




If there are now missing prices for some groups of students, you'll no longer see the Trip Participants section. Please note that the invoices and payment details for students already booked on will still be there in the background, and accessible from the student profiles or Payments area.



Adding a new price

To add a new price, click +Add in the Trip Prices section, and add the price details.



In the Trip Participants section, you'll see any students who previously booked on with the old price, their price will not have been changed.



Change the prices for students already booked on

If you had students booked on before the price change, this means that:

  • If the new price is higher, students will have paid less than the new price. You can keep this price, invoice them on a different account, or refresh the invoices.
  • If the new price is lower, you can issue a refund if you want to bring their payment in line with the new price.

School staff are not able to refresh trip prices to make the invoices show the updated amount. 

If you would like this to be done for you, please contact the Arbor Support Team if supported by Arbor, or your Support Partner if not supported by Arbor. Please ensure you include the name of the trip when making the request.

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