Adding assessment marks, baselines and targets from the MAT MIS

You can either log into school sites to mark assessments (using bulk marking, individual or importing a spreadsheet) or follow the instructions below to import a spreadsheet of baselines, marks and targets directly into the MAT MIS. 

Assessment rollout is not available on our MAT Essentials Tier. Want to upgrade or find out what package you’re on? Just get in contact with your Account Manager.


You'll need the Group: Assessments: Setup permission to be able to import marks for your schools. If you don't have permission, you'll need to ask an administrator to give you permission following these instructions.

Before importing marks

To be able to roll out marks, make sure the assessments you want to import marks for have been set up on all the right sites - we can only import marks for assessments that are already set up. If you haven't yet set them up on all sites, we recommend using our assessment policy rollout tool.


How to mark your assessments

Download and complete the import spreadsheet for the assessment(s), then upload it into Arbor. 

  • This process will override any existing marks already input into your Assessment. 
  • Any fields left blank in your spreadsheet will not override any marks in Arbor, allowing you to add marks for the current data drop without editing your baselines or targets.

Important - Check whether marks have been approved first

Please note that if marks have been approved for an assessment, they won't be changed by importing a new mark. You will need to unset the marks as approved - you can see how to do this here: Approving marks in report cards and locking marksheets

What you can and can't import

You can use this feature to import:

  • Academic year baseline
  • Academic Year Teacher Target
  • Final target for the assessment
  • Marks for any data drop in the current academic year. Please note that to be able to select Non submission grades in the spreadsheet, these must first be enabled for the school. They will only display as valid values for assessments that are using a grade set (not text or integer), but these can still be imported if typed into the cells.
  • Period teacher targets (if selected)
  • Comments (if selected)
  • Predicted marks (if selected)
  • Aspirational target (if selected)

You will not be able to import:

  • Predicted mark baseline and predicted final mark
  • Suggested marks (as this is automatically calculated based on curriculum assessment marks)
  • Attainment or progress target (this is set automatically by setting up target rules)
Importing summative assessment marks

Go Administration > Assessment > Annual Policy > Manage Assessments. Just select the academic year, click on the assessment, then go to Import marks from the left-hand menu!

Click the Download import spreadsheet button.



Fill in the slide over with the schools you want to import marks for, and whether to include comments, predicted marks and targets, then click Download import spreadsheet.



The table will show your download as Pending until it's ready to download.



Once it's ready, you'll receive a notification. You can either click the notification, or click into the table to download the file.




The spreadsheets will download to your computer as a zipped file. You'll need to open this, where you can see an .xls file for each school.



Once you have downloaded the spreadsheet, fill in marks for each student as appropriate.

Please note that this spreadsheet is custom made for the import you are doing and that you cannot change the academic year, students or assessment in this sheet. You must use the correct grade set and only valid grade values. If you want to import for a different academic year, assessment or set of students, you must create a new import spreadsheet.

Please note: Please do not change the student names or IDs, and do not rearrange any column or change column letters or row numbers. If you do, we cannot guarantee that the right marks will be imported for the right students.



Once you have filled in the sheet, you can import it on the same page by clicking the Upload Import Spreadsheet button.



You can choose your file to upload, then click Upload.



You won't get a notification when the results are ready to import, so you'll need to refresh your page and wait for it to say Imported.




What's next?

Once your marks are input into your assessments, you can start to analyse them across your MAT. See how to use our analysis pages here: Analysing assessments on the MAT MIS

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