Applicant buckets and intake groups

Once you set up an intake season, you'll see two sections where you can add Applicant Buckets or Intake Groups.

  • Applicant Buckets - These can be used to help you manage the type of application as it comes in e.g, the local parish, siblings, etc. It will help you to sort students for the applications admission criteria and non-standard aptitude testing.
  • Intake Groups - These can be used for creating multiple intakes within an academic year e.g if you had an intake of nursery and reception students and wanted to split them.

Both of these areas are completely optional to use if you would like to.



Adding, editing and deleting

Adding an applicant bucket

Click +Add in the applicant bucket section. Name your bucket, then click Save Changes.



Adding an intake group

Click +Add in the intake groups section section. Name your bucket and add an expected admission date for this group (if you're grouping students in this way), then click Save Changes.



In this example, I have students starting on two different dates, so I've set up two groups.



Editing or deleting

Click on the bucket or group to edit the name or delete it. You can also change the expected date for intake groups.



Using the buckets or groups when adding applicants

The process for assigning applicants to buckets or groups varies depending on how you're adding them. There are three relevant fields:

  • Intake bucket - You can choose whether to assign students to one of your buckets.
  • Intake season group - You can choose whether to assign students to one of your groups.
  • Bucket score - If you allocate students a score to prioritise applicants, you can use this field. You could also use this to make a note of their score in any pre-admissions test.

Students can't be given more than one bucket score, or be added to more than one bucket or group.

Adding applicants manually

When adding applicants manually (for existing or new students), you'll see fields for Intake bucket, Intake season group and Bucket score.


Importing via spreadsheet

When importing applicants using the spreadsheet, you'll only have a field for Bucket Score on the spreadsheet. 

If all students on the sheet should be added to the same intake bucket or intake group you can select this when uploading the spreadsheet.



Adding applicants via CTF

These details can't be imported via CTF, but you can add them after importing.


Editing intakes, buckets and scores for students

Students assigned to a bucket or group will be added up on your intake season overview.



You can see these fields in the applicants list.



Click on a student and click Edit.



You can then edit the details. The Application score shown here is the same field as Bucket Score.



Please note you won't be able to edit these details for students who are already enrolled, as there will be no Edit button.


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