Collecting data and consents for applicants starting in September

To collect information from parents for your students starting in September, you can have parents add this information through the Parent Portal and Parent App.

Alternatively, you can use our data collection sheets and external tools such as Google forms, and input this data into Arbor yourself.

Using the Parent Portal and Parent App

Our Parent App and desktop Parent Portal let parents check and update information, register their child for a club or trip, book parents evening slots, and manage payments all in one place. They can also check in on their child’s attendance, behaviour and progress, and read and respond to in-app messages sent by your school.

Not already using the Parent Portal and Parent App? Make sure all your settings are just how you want them before switching it on by working through the steps here: Switching on Parent Portal.

See how to manage this process here: Using the Parent Portal for collecting applicant details



Using data collection sheets

A data collection sheet can be sent out to a student's primary guardians allowing them to provide any information your school is missing, such as addresses and contact numbers.

See how to manage this process here: Creating your Data Collection Sheet


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