Reporting on Applicants

There are many different ways to report on your applicants and admissions in Arbor, depending on what you need to report on.

How can we report on new starters?

Use the Download Student List button - create a quick report of applicants in a certain intake season, that includes any fields you need. You cannot send communications using this report. Click here: Downloading an Applicant Student List report

Use the Joiners page - see a list of all the new starters at your school. You can send basic communications using this report. Includes their name, year group, registration form and previous school. Click here: See students that have joined my school

Use a Custom Report - create a bespoke report of applicants, that includes any fields you need. You can send communications using this report, including using the columns as merge fields. Click here: Creating bespoke reports in the Custom Report Writer

Using the Custom Report Writer

If creating a custom report, you don't need to use a custom group to pull in your applicants. You only need to have given the students a future enrolment date by completing Step 7 here: Enrolling the students ready for September

Create a report about Students, and select the Next academic year for the date range. Add any columns you need, and your report will include all students next year, including applicants.



To look at only your new starters in the report, add a Filter for Entry Date. Select the day before the applicants are enrolled into the new academic year.

You can then take further actions, such as sending communications, sharing or downloading the report.



How can we report on the number of new joiners?

You can use the joiners page, just change the date range! Click here: See students that have joined my school



If you want to report on certain demographics, you'll need to use the Custom Report Writer. For example, let's see how to report on how many new joiners you've had who are EAL.

Create a report about Students, and add any columns you need.

To look at only your new starters in the report, add two Filters for Entry Date - one for After the start date you want to report on, and one for Before the last day you want to include.



Then add a Grouping for Demographic, and select the demographics to include.



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