Teachers - Getting to the summative assessment marksheet and adding marks


This article covers getting to the summative assessment marksheet, how to add marks and some troubleshooting tips if you can't add marks.

Go to My items > My classes. On the My Classes page, you will see all your classes and the linked assessments that have been created in Arbor. You can see any courses, registration forms or teaching groups you've been linked to. 

Registration Forms (for primaries)

For Primary schools, it's likely you'll only have Registration Forms as your classes.




When you click Full Marksheet, you'll be able to see a marksheet with all Summative assessments linked to the Registration Form. 



When you click the All Assessments option, if you have multiple assessments linked to the registration form you can select a specific Summative assessment marksheet or Curriculum assessment markbook to access from here.



Courses (for secondaries)

For Secondary schools, you'll likely have courses as your classes.




For courses, it's likely there will only be one assessment linked to each course, so there will only be one assessment showing in the marksheet when you click Full Marksheet.



When you click the All Assessments option, if you have multiple assessments linked to the course you can select a specific assessment marksheet to access from here.



Teaching groups

It's unlikely you'll be assigned a Teaching Group as one of your classes. If you have been, you'll see you're only able to select All Assessments, and chose a Summative Marksheet.





Adding in marks

From the marksheet, be sure to select which grades and targets to display using the filters, then add in the marks for the assessment period chosen.

Choose your filter settings

The filters also let you select the Date Range, Cohort(s), Assessments and Grade Sets you wish to input marks for. If you are wanting to enter marks for a different term you will need to select a date from within that term. 



These are the columns that will show by default, so if for example, you want to display the aspirational target, you'll need to set it in the filters.


Add in marks

Entering Marks Individually

Once you have accessed the correct marksheet, you can begin to enter marks into the grid.

  • Click into a field to open the drop-down menu of values to select from, or start typing.
  • Auto-complete suggests the shortest match (e.g. type “A” and “A” will be suggested first rather than “A+” or “A-”.
  • Hit your Enter key to save the value and move onto the cell below. Then hit Enter again to start typing into the new field.



Bulk Entering Marks

You may have multiple students in your class all with the same mark. To save time you can bulk enter the marks into the grid for the most recent assessment period.

Just tick the students you want to enter the same mark for by ticking the box on the left-hand side of their name. Click on the pencil to select Bulk Edit Marks.



In the slide over, choose the grade/mark that applies to the selected students and then click on the green Save Changes button.



Adding Comments

The marking grid also contains a Comment column where you can add any additional comments to support the mark the student has been given. (These comments can then be fed directly to the Report Card module when needed.)

To add a comment click on the comment cell and a pop-up window will appear for you to type your comment into.




Troubleshooting - Why can the teacher not add marks?

Still struggling to access your assessments? Contact your school admin and get them to try the troubleshooting tips below.

Step 1 - Check the assessment has been added to this year's Annual Policy

Check you have all the assessments you need from Assessment Framework > Assessment Catalogue, then check you’ve marked all the right courses as assessable from Annual Policy > Assessable Courses (this means the teachers can access the marksheet from My Items >My Classes).

Make sure you have copied over the assessment to this year - go to Annual Policy > Manage Assessments and change the drop-down to the next year then click the green button to add your assessments to next year. Work through the steps, linking them to the right student groups.

You can see full details of how to do this here: Copying Assessments to this year or past years

Step 2 - Check the teacher is linked to the class

Your teachers should be able to access any of their classes' marksheets by going to My Items > My Classes and clicking the assessment.



If your teachers can’t see their registration forms or classes on this page, they may not have been set as the Academic Lead or Form Tutor. 



To add them, find the class or registration form using the search box, then click +Add to assign them to the form or class.



You'll also need to complete the above actions if the staff member does not have the permission to edit marks in the marksheet.


Step 3 - Check the assessment is linked to the class

On the My Items > My Classes page, your teachers should be able to click All Assessments to choose which marksheet to view. If your teachers can’t see any assessments, the assessment may not have been linked to the class or registration form. 



To link them, go to Students > Assessment > Annual Policy > Manage Assessments and click on the relevant assessment. 

In the Linked Courses section, you’ll need to link the assessment to the top-level course. For primaries, this will likely be the year group, and for secondaries, the subject. 


Step 4 - Check the marksheet is unlocked

If your teachers can’t input marks to the current assessment period, it may be because the marksheet has been ‘locked’. 

To unlock the marksheet, go to Students > Assessments > Summative Tracking > Mark Entry > Marksheets. Set the filters to choose the assessment to manage, then click the box next to the blue pencil icon to select the whole class.


Select Set/Unset Approved to unlock the marksheet for the selected students if more data needs to be input. You can also use this to lock the marksheet once all the marks have been input to prevent further changes.

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