Creating Labels

You can make Labels in Arbor for Students, Applicants, Guardians or Staff to print out as stickers. Go to School > Communications > Labels.


  • Identity: View All Student - create labels for students, applicants or guardians
  • All Staff: View Basic HR Details - create labels for staff

If you don't have the permission, you'll need to ask your admin team to give you permission using these instructions.


Creating labels

For example, to create labels for Guardians:

  1. Choose the Avery Page Layout which defines the size of labels you wish to use.
  2. Choose the group or groups of students you wish to make the guardians labels for. If you want a subset of guardians, you can make a custom group and then select it from the drop-down.
  3. Choose whether you want to include Primary Guardians and/or Legal Guardians.
  4. Whether you want one label per household. If checked, all guardians who live at the same address will be grouped together on one label. If not checked, then we output a separate label per guardian.
  5. Decide which fields you wish to include on the label
  6. Download the Guardian Label Sheet and print.



When printing labels for students, you can collate them by year group, registration form or house (or just print them in alphabetical order).

Once you’ve completed step 3 of the New School Year Setup, print student labels with their year group, reg form and house next year using the Display future enrolment information option.




The labels are blank or missing students

Follow these instructions: Applicant new starters not included in exports

What are the available sizes?

We use standard templates for each size from Avery, so as long as you choose the correct label type it should fit: Which Avery label size should we use?

Can we exclude students?

When printing labels, they'll be created for any students that were in that student group during the academic year selected. This means that:

  • labels will be included for students who have left your school during the year
  • students who are in more than one student group (e.g. registration form) will have both output

If you want to create labels for only certain students, you could choose not to use these labels, or prevent them from being generated by using a custom group.

What information can I include in labels?

The Permissions you have also determine what information you can add to a label, the same as when downloading a student’s profile. For example:

  • If you can see student photos, you can add photos to the labels.
  • If you can see student enrolment info, you can add year group/reg form/house to the labels.
  • If you can see student contact info, you can add a postal address to the label.
  • If you can see admission information, you can print labels for applicants.
  • If you can see student’s guardians, you can print labels for guardians.

Can we add more information to labels?

It isn't possible to add more fields to labels, such as date of birth.

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I'm still stuck!


  • Can you add an option for:- either having the student's surname then forename or forename then surname
    - edit the font and aliment of text

  • Hi R, thanks for the feedback! As what you'd like isn't currently available in Arbor, you'd need to submit this as feedback to our product team. They regularly review suggestions from our schools. You can submit feedback here.

  • What permissions do I need to put the following on a A4 size label:

    Profile picture, candidate number, legal name, centre number, access arrangements, exam name, exam code and seat?

  • Hi Catherine, you'll need the Send and Administers School Communications: Administer permission to generate labels from this page. To print candidate labels from the exams area, you'll need the Qualifications: Administers All Students permission.

  • I have now found the options for choosing the information I want but I was disappointed that you could not make the font bigger and arrange it different.  As we have outside people doing the invigilation, it is good to have a larger photo on the desk with the information regarding what exam they are sitting without the invigilator having to get too close.  In official exams, I would have a different colour depending on tiers to ensure I can spot a mistakes easily and for the mock/in house exams, I print on a different colour piece of paper depending on which subject exam the student is sitting.  With the information on such a small piece of paper/small font it is not very helpful.

  • Hi Catherine, thanks for this! So that this gets passed onto our developers, please submit this feedback here

  • Hello,

    Can I add a child's date of birth to a label? thanks

  • Hi there, it is not possible to produce labels with this information. Only the fields you can see on the labels page can be included.


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