User Defined Fields (UDFs) on student, guardian or staff profiles

On student, staff and guardian profiles, you can see a section for User Defined Fields, so your school can track extra custom bits of information. You can see how these can be set up and edited in bulk here: Setting up and managing User Defined Fields (UDFs)


The permission to view input data into UDFs on profiles will depend on what your school has chosen during the setup of the UDF.

If your school hasn't set permissions for a UDF, you'll need either the General Admin: Administer or User Defined Fields: Setup permissions.

If you don't have the ability to edit a UDF, contact your office staff. They'll be able to check whether you should be able to access the UDF based on your permissions, then they can follow this guide to give you the right permission.


Viewing UDFs on profiles

You can see UDF information near the middle of the main student profile page and near the bottom of the main guardian or staff profile page.



You can also jump to it using the drop-down menu.



Editing a UDF

If you have permission to edit this particular UDF, you can click on it. A slide-over will appear that you can enter the data into.

You can clear the UDF by clicking Delete.



You can clear the UDF by clicking Delete.



Can I add new UDFs? 

You can add more User Defined Fields to your site by following these instructions: Setting up and managing User Defined Fields (UDFs)

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