Local Authority Report - Capita One Export (B2B Open Student Export)

This report is an .xml file that schools need to share with their local authority. You can generate a report as often as the Local Authority requires. You'll need to manually do this as we aren’t currently able to automate the Capita One export, but it only takes a few minutes!

Generating the report

Go to School > Data > Export > Capita One Export. Click +Add, then Create New Export.



In the slide over, click Create new export.



The page will show that a report is running. 



Refresh the page and you'll see the generation is completed. Click the generation, then click Download XML.

You will then need to send the file to the Local Authority. It is important that you contact the LA and advise them that you have the file so they can advise you on how to send it. 



What data is included in the file?

By default, the Capita One Export only includes attendance for the current academic year. It also:

  • will include all students who have been enrolled at some point in the current Academic Year
  • only contains the student’s enrolment history for your school
  • uses the new format of multiple reasons for exclusions

If your school has academised, students’ entry dates reflect your school’s new opening date.

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