Applicaa and Arbor integration for importing applicants

Arbor integrates directly with Applicaa's Admissions+ software to bring applicants into Arbor. You can see further information on what is synced between the two systems here: Arbor Admissions
Data Fields

If you don't use Admissions+, you can also use other methods of bringing applicants into Arbor, detailed here: Applicants and admissions

Setting up the integration

Our two-way integration enables Admissions+ to pull student and year group data from Arbor into Admissions+, and then create new student profiles in Arbor.

To set up the integration, follow the instructions here and approve the connection: Setting up and managing third-party API integrations in Arbor

Using the integration alongside Arbor

Step 1 - Manage your applicants in Admissions+

When your students are ready to be exported to your MIS they should be added to Admissions+.

Please see Applicaa's Admissions+ Knowledge Base for how to do this.

Step 2 - Set up an intake season in Arbor

You'll need to set up an intake season in Arbor. This is where applicants will be imported into, which will enable you to add an enrolment date in bulk. You can see how to add this here: Setting up the Intake Season to Accept Applicants

Step 3 - Copy over your year groups, registration forms and houses to next year

You'll need to complete parts 1, 2 and 3 of Step 3 of the New School Year Setup process (shown in the screenshot below), plus Step 5 if you also use Houses, to copy over your year groups and registration forms for next year.

Do not complete part 4 on this page. You'll instead be managing applicants from the Applicants area.



Step 4 - Push your applicants from Admissions+ into Arbor

Now you can export your applicants from Admissions+ into Arbor.

Please see Applicaa's guidance here for how to do this: Arbor Integration Guide Book

Step 5 - Add students to registration forms and houses, and add their future enrolment

Go to Students > All Students > Applicants, select the intake season and go to Applicants from the left-hand menu. Here you'll see the applicants you've pushed to Arbor, with their year group and a status of Newly Created.

  • Tick all the students you want to add to the same registration form and click the Bulk action button to select Assign applicants to registration form.
  • If you use houses, repeat this and select Assign applicants to house.

Neither of these two steps officially enrols them in your school.



Step 6 - Add their future enrolment into the school

The final step is to add the future enrolment for the students starting in September. Once you complete this step, the students are counted as being officially enrolled in your school from their future start date.

Tick all the students you want to enrol and click the Bulk action button to select Accept offers. Applicants must be marked as 'Offer Accepted' to be able to be enrolled.



Tick all the students you want to enrol and click the Bulk action button to select Enrol students.



The applicants will then have the status of Enrolled.



What's next?

You would then continue on with the New School Year Setup process.

  • If you’ve already enrolled the applicants but not quite got the steps right, fix this using these instructions.
  • If you need to send emails or SMS to your new intake or their guardians, you can see how to do this here.
  • You can check out how to collect data from guardians using data collection sheets or the Parent Portal or Parent App.
  • Duplicate students or enrolled applicants who are no longer joining may need to be removed. See this article to find out what you’ll need to do.
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