Remove a permission from a user

Permissions are removed in only two ways:

By editing the Business Role

You can only modify the permissions of the business role, not a user if the permissions came from a business role. This affects the Permissions that all the Business role holders have.

To do this, go to School > Users and Security > Select the Business Role > Permissions > Click the permission. Then click the button to Add/Remove permission to/from Role.


Please note: This can only be done if the Role is managed by the school and not Arbor. Assuming responsibility for the role is not recommended as this means the Role will not be updated when we make improvements to Arbor.

Note: This does not affect Ad Hoc permission assignments.

By removing the AdHoc permission from the user

This will only work if the permission was originally assigned to the user as an Ad-Hoc permission in addition to their Business Role.

For more guidance on how to add Ad Hoc permissions, click here.


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