Creating custom attendance reports for specific days of the week

You can create a custom report that shows you the attendance for chosen days of the week. Please note that this does not factor in two-week timetables, so for example there is not an option for Monday A or Monday B. Head to School > Custom Report Writer and create a new report. Name your report, and specify that the report is about students.

Next, select your date range. This will determine which students will be pulled into your report. In the example below, the report generated is for the previous term, and so will only look at students on roll last term, but you can set it to report on the last year, term, week, day, or a custom date range.

The next step is to add all the columns to your report that you need. In this example, a column for the students' names and their registration forms have been added.



When adding the Statutory/Roll Call (Present) by Day of the week column, you can choose to change the name of the column or edit the display details. Make sure to set the date range to the time period you want to report on. You can also use the Statutory/Roll Call Attendance (Auth. Absent) by Day of the week, Statutory/Roll Call Attendance (Unauth. Absent) by Day of the week, and the Statutory/Roll Call Attendance (Absent) by Day of the week columns which have the same functionality.


Next click to skip the setup wizard.



You can search in the select filter box and select Statutory/Roll Call Attendance (Present) by Day of the week, or any of the other Day of the week filters, then click Add Filter.

In the slide over, change the filter condition to your preferred option, then click Save. In the example below, the filter condition is set to search for attendance equal to or less than 90% on Fridays for the previous term. 


Then click to save and view your report.

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