How can we report on non-statistical attendance marks?

Most of our attendance analysis pages (including the Absentees and Statistics pages) and your attendance statistics in the Custom Report Writer will not include non-statistical attendance codes. This is because these do not impact statutory attendance, so don't appear on these pages to select or report on.

These codes are D, X, Y, Z and #, and includes any sub-codes that map to X, such as X01. You can see further details of these codes and when to use them here: Attendance codes and how they count towards statutory attendance

If you want to report on these, you can:

  • Report on all attendance codes - Use the Raw Attendance Marks page
  • Report on Covid-related codes - Use our guidance here
  • Use the correct column in the Custom Report Writer - Use the Statutory/Roll Call Attendance (Custom) or Statutory/Roll Call Attendance (Specific Marks) columns to select the specific attendance marks to include in your analysis


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