LGfL and Arbor integration

Arbor currently has two active integrations with the London Grid for Learning (LGfL).

If you migrated to Arbor prior to February 2020, you will likely be using our built-in LGfL Export functionality. We have heard that this will be deactivated on LGfL's side at some point in the future - LGfL will contact you regarding this, and explain how to move onto the new API method described below.

LGfL Export Functionality (Pre-February 2020)
The built-in Arbor LGfL Export can be found by heading to School > Data > Export > LGfL Export. On this page, you can view the current setup for your LGfL Exports, including your school's Licence Key and Password. You can click into the LGfL Export Settings if any changes are required.


In the list of LGfL Export Jobs, you will see all your school's historic LGfL exports. Clicking into an export will give you further details, including the Error Log for any data that could not be exported correctly.


If there are any issues with the built-in Export feature, you can click the Manual Export option in the top-left of the page, then just click Download to create an XML file to submit manually to LGfL.



If you migrated to Arbor from February 2020 onwards, you will need to use an API sync powered by Adept (formerly Atomwide, also sometimes referred to as AuCloud) to transfer data to LGfL.

Adept API Sync (February 2020 - Ongoing)

For schools using the Adept API sync method, you'll need to follow this guidance on the Adept site, which explains the process of authorising the connection and enabled the required LGfL reports.

Please note: To sign in to the portal and confirm the sync, you must have the Arbor business role of Head Teacher or Bursar/Business Manager on Arbor, or you will get a message saying your credentials are invalid.

If you have any difficulties with this process, please contact the LGfL support desk.

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