Adding a student as Early Years Pupil Premium and seeing a list of all EYPP students

You can either add eligibility by following the instructions below, or upload a spreadsheet: Entity Importer for setting up your site from scratch or adding new data

Adding a student as EYPP

If you need to add a student as Early Years Pupil Premium, go to the Background section of their Student Profile and click +Add.



Select EYPP.



Add the details into the slide over, then click Save Changes.

In the background, the funding reasons map back to these codes:

  • Economic reasons - RE
  • Other reasons - RO
  • Both ticked - RB



Reporting on EYPP students

Go to Students > Demographics > Derived Indicators. Select Background.



Click into the filters to select EYPP Recipient.

You can also choose to chow the inverse of the demographic - in this example it would show you everyone who is not in receipt of EYPP.



You can see a list of students, including their name, year groups, registration form and the dates the start and stop being this demographic.

You can download the table, or click on a student to see more details, or jump to their profile.


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