Adding a new student

You may also have students that join your school partway through the year or students who you were not expecting to join you in September.

You shouldn't add them as part of the normal applicant process, as this will affect your numbers of applicants for reporting in the Censuses. Take a look at the DfE's census guides for guidance on admissions. Here's how you should add new students to your Arbor site partway through the year.


Adding the student

Using a CTF

In most cases, you will have been sent a Common Transfer File (CTF) from the student's previous school. It does not matter if their previous school uses Arbor or another MIS provider, as CTFs always contain the same data.

To see how to import a CTF and create the student on your site, click here.

Once you have imported the CTF and created the new Student Profile, you will need to enrol them in their registration form, year group and classes. To do this, see the section below.



If their previous school doesn't use an MIS, you may have to add the student's details manually. To add a new student, go to Students > All Students > Add New Student.

This page loads a form so that a New Student can be added to the schools MIS. Add the basic details of the student on the form and click on Create Student. Their Student Profile will be created.



Enrolling the student

The next step is to enrol the student in the correct year group, reg form and house. Go to the student's Student Profile and go to the Enrolments section from the left-hand menu.

If you are adding an enrolment for a future year, change the Academic Year dropdown menu.



Click +Add in the Enrolments section.



In the slide over, enter the student's enrolment information. Any enrolments you want to add later can be left blank.



Add in all the enrolment information, then click Enrol Student.



The student profile will then be updated to include this information, and the student will be enrolled in a year group, registration form, and house.



They will then need to be enrolled in any courses, teaching groups, custom groups and programmes if required.


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