Book a room

Staff can create an event in order to book a room.


  • Academic structure: Administer - View and click into all school events from the All Timetabled Events (List)
  • School: Action: Calendar: Administer- Create, edit or delete any events for staff, students and guardians.
  • Staff profile: Action: Calendar: Administer- Create, edit or delete any events for staff.
  • Student profile: Action: Calendar: Administer All/My Students- Create, edit or delete any events for students and associated guardians.

If you don't have the permission, you'll need to ask your admin team to give you permission using these instructions.


Before booking a room

To enable your school to manage room bookings effectively, we recommend making sure that you have:

  • Set up all the required rooms. You can see how to do this here: Adding a new site or room
  • All timetabled sessions are assigned to a room. You can quickly update this from the Timetable Slots page, shown in the Moving a class to a different room permanently section here: Moving a class to a different room


Finding a free room

Go to School > Timetable > Sites and Rooms > Free Room Finder. Choose the date and add in a time range using the filter. 



Any rooms that are free during the whole period will have a tick.

Any rooms that are in use at any point during the time period selected will show with a cross, but it's still possible to schedule events in these rooms. You can see any rooms that are in use for these events (as long as they have been assigned to a room during setup):

  • Scheduled lessons
  • Internal exclusion sessions
  • Events (inc PPA)
  • Interventions
  • Exams
  • Guardian consultations
  • Clubs
  • Detentions



Booking the room

On the Free Room Finder page, click on the room you’d like to book to open the room calendar. Use the arrows and buttons to find the date you'd like to schedule an event.



Click on the timetable slot to create an event and book the room. You can see more information on how to do this in our article on events: Creating and managing events



Make sure you select the current room.



Your event will then show in the room calendar and this room will no longer appear as free on the Free Room Finder page for the period booked.




Why can I select locations that are already in use?

When creating an event, moving a room or allocating cover, you can select a room that is already in use. We allow double booking as schools often want to book two lessons in the same room, such as two PE classes on the sports field.

We recommend checking the Free Room Finder page before scheduling anything to prevent clashes and using the School Timetable > Clashes page to identify clashes. You can see how to do this here: School, student and staff timetable gaps and clashes

Can we book multiple rooms at once? 

No, you can only add one location for a scheduled event, so you can't book more than one room with the same event. If the time will be split between rooms you may wish to set up multiple events.

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