Generating Printable Timetables for staff, rooms or the whole school

School Timetable

Go to the Timetable module under School > Timetable.

The Grid View page allows you to view for any given day, all scheduled lessons (timetable slots) across the school. You can filter the timetable by faculty (if you have these set up), subject, course/class, year group and registration form.



The Lesson Timetable (List) and All Events (List) pages show you all scheduled lessons and events in a list format.



Staff Timetable

The Staff Timetable page Overview’ allows you to see all staff in your school and quickly view what lessons they are assigned to, on any given day.



The Printable Timetables page allows you to output staff timetables for groups of staff members e.g. staff assigned to a particular year group or department.

Here you can choose not to include lessons in your download to only print a certain session type such as staff cover events.

This will print out one timetable sheet for each individual staff member rather than grouped together as in the Staff Timetable page, so can't be used to see all sessions of the same thing grouped together.

Select a school week that you would like to bulk download the timetables for. If your school works on 2-week cycles, you will be able to select more than one school week and this will output a timetable for each week, per staff member.



Staff timetables can also be accessed via a staff member's Staff Profile.



Room Timetables

In Sites & Rooms > Room Timetables, you can view all rooms on any given day and find out what lesson is occurring within the room, at any given point in time.



In Sites & Rooms > Printable Timetables, you can download a printable version of this information.

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