Parent Portal and Arbor App FAQ

Why do I have to put my password in every time to log in?

We follow strict security requirements in the Arbor App because it contains personal data about students. This means you have to log into the app every time you use it. It also means you can't use stored passwords or fingerprint recognition (which default to the phone pin after 3 attempts), as sometimes multiple guardians share the same device or know each-others' pins.


Can I pay using childcare vouchers?

You can pay the school via cash, cheque or bank transfer and they can top-up your child's account or pay for cubs and trips. Alternatively, you can pay by card on the Parent Portal or Arbor App. We do not support payments using childcare vouchers within the Parent Portal or Arbor App.

If you do wish to pay using childcare vouchers, please contact your school for their policy. It may be possible for them to accept the childcare vouchers outside of Arbor, and log a payment through Arbor for the Meal top-up club or trip payment as a cash payment.


Can you save my bank details?

We follow strict security requirements to make sure payments have been made and verified by you. This also makes it easy to change details if your bank details are now different. This means we can't save your bank details.


Can I see other guardian's contact details?

If you don't live at the same address as another guardian of the child, you won't be able to see their contact details. For example, Archie Wilson can't see Courtney Wilson's details.



This includes when the child lives at this same address as the other guardian. In this example, Courtney Wilson is logged in.


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