Court Orders and stopping guardians from logging in

This article will explain how you can add a court order on a profile to disable access to the Parent Portal and Parent App.

Please note that none of these options will not prevent communications from being sent to these guardians - you would need to follow this process.


You'll need one of the Legal: Administer All/My Students permissions to add court orders to profiles. If you don't have the permission, you'll need to ask your admin team to give you permission using these instructions.

To add a court order, go to the respective Student profile and scroll to the Legal section and click +Add.



The highlighted box allows you to revoke and disable access for the guardian you link the Court Case to.

You can also pin the court order to the top of the student's profile.



If you click into the court order once created, you can add attachments, such as the hard copy of the legal notice.



The guardian's account will show as disabled, and the guardian will not be able to log into the Parent Portal or Parent App.



For example, when trying to log into Parent Portal, they will receive this message.



If you need to reinstate access at a later date, click into the User Details section of the guardian's profile to re-enable their access.


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