Prevent duplicate profiles when importing a CTF

How do I know if I could be creating a duplicate profile?

Arbor will only automatically match students based on UPN’s as this is the only unique thing for each student.

If the student profile in Arbor and the student in the CTF have the same UPN we will automatically match them. If we have matched to an existing profile the student will look like the screenshot below:

Screenshot 2023-07-20 at 09.33.06.png


If Arbor can’t match the student profile in Arbor and the student in the CTF (if one of them doesn’t have a UPN) we will by default create a new student profile.

If a new student profile is being created it will be highlighted next to the student as (CREATE NEW STUDENT) like in the screenshot below: 

Screenshot 2023-07-20 at 09.33.26.png

To prevent duplicates, you must match the CTF to an existing student profile - just follow the steps below.


Step 1 - Importing your CTF

To import a CTF go to School > Data > Import > CTF Import.



Click +Add and select the report to upload. Please note: You only need to select an intake season if the CTF you're importing contains new students. If it doesn't, you can leave the box blank.

When you click Upload CTF, You will then be taken to the Import Overview (Shown in the section below).



Step 2 - Matching the CTF record to an existing student

If Arbor will create a new student profile it will say next to the student name (CREATE NEW STUDENT). If Arbor will update an already existing profile it will state which student profile it will update next to the student name. 

Screenshot 2023-07-20 at 09.34.00.png

To manually match to an existing student profile, click on the student's name. 

Screenshot 2023-07-20 at 09.34.16.png

A slide over will appear. Click on the box that says Click here to check for possible matches.



In the drop-down menu, you will see a list of students. Arbor may be able to suggest possible matches based on some identifying information, such as Date of Birth and Name.

Click on the student name you want to want to update with the CTF information.

We may not have been able to suggest a possible match, so we recommend you double-check to see if a profile already exists. You can type the name in the box to double-check.  



Step 3 - Set Import Sections

  • If you want to update all the Arbor student records with all information held in the CTF you can skip to Step 4. 
  • If you only want to import certain sections of CTF to the Arbor student profile you can do so by following these steps:

Click on the Select Import Sections arrow.



Untick the boxes next to the information you don’t want to import for this specific student.



Step 4 - Import now or later

Once you’ve matched and set your import sections you can choose to:

  • import now
  • save and move to the next student in the CTF import and then import all students at the same time

Option 1 - Import now

Double-check you’ve set a student to update if applicable and unticked any sections you don’t want to update.

Then click on the Import now button.



Option 2 - Save and Import later

Double-check you’ve set a student to update if applicable and unticked any sections you don’t want to update.

Then click on the Save and import later button.



Repeat this process for any other students being imported from the CTF

Once you’ve reviewed all students, click on the Update/Import Students button.

Don’t worry if you have created a duplicate profile, as it can be merged! Click here to find how you can request a profile merge in Arbor.

Screenshot 2023-07-20 at 09.35.19.png

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