Viewing and creating call logs

Viewing call logs

Go to School > Communications > All School Comunications > Telephone Calls.

Here you can see all telephone calls that have been made to or from the school (If they have been logged).

  • Screen_Shot_2018-10-15_at_09.20.47.png  A green arrow means the call was outgoing from a staff member to someone external to the school e.g. a guardian or social services.
  • Screen_Shot_2018-10-15_at_09.43.31.png  An orange arrow means the call was made to the staff member, such as from a guardian.
  • No arrow means the call was internal, between staff members.

Click the call log for more information or to edit the log.



You can make additional actions by clicking the 'Actions' button.



Clicking Private/Public toggles the privacy so the call is visible on the student/guardian profile under Communications.




Logging a call from the Communication dashboard

You can log a call from this same page, School> Communications> All School Comunications> Telephone Calls by clicking the orange 'Communications' button and selecting 'Log telephone call'.

If you're a teacher, you can log a call by going to My items > My Communications.




Logging a call from a student profile

You can also log calls directly from a student, guardian or staff profile. Just navigate to the Communications section. 

Click the orange 'Communications' button, and select 'Log telephone call'.


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