Why is a student missing from the register?

If a student doesn't appear in a register the teacher won't be able to record an attendance mark for them which may mean their statutory attendance is not recorded. There are a few reasons why this could happen, with each resolution outlined below.

First, double-check that you have registers today using the instructions here, and that the teacher can access the register for the class the student is meant to be in using the instructions hereIf all of this looks correct, follow the instructions below to add a missing student to a register. 


Step 1 - Has the student been added to your site?

Search for the student in your search box to go to their student profile. If you can't find the student, try clicking the arrow that appears to search within future and past years. If you still can't find them, you'll need to add them to your site before you can enrol them using these instructions



Step 2 - Is the student currently enrolled?

If you can find the student, click on their name to go to their student profile and select the Enrolment section from the left-hand menu.

  • If a student hasn't been given an enrolment or is returning from a period of attending another school (such as if the student left in year 9 but returned to your 6th form) you'll need to add a new enrolment into your school using the instructions in this article.


  • If a student has had their enrolment ended with their leaving date in the past, they will no longer appear in registers. You would need to edit their leaving date if they had been off-rolled incorrectly using the instructions at the bottom of this article.



Step 3 - Has the student been added to the right registers?

For most students, completing step 2 will enrol them into AM and PM roll call registers too because of the automatic enrolments copied over as part of the New School Year SetupYou'll also need to enrol the student into any additional classes or teaching groups they should be in if you run these.



Nursery students

If the child is a nursery student you may also need to take additional actions depending on the option you chose when setting up your nursery registers

  • If the student attends different sessions across the week, go to School > Programmes > Courses > Bulk Enrolment. Select the class in the filters, and use the bulk actions to enrol them.
  • You may need to give them an attendance pattern from Enrolment > Year Groups > Nursery > Attendance Patterns



Step 4 - Has the student been added to classes with the right dates?

If any of the enrolments into classes start after the student should appear in the register you'll need to edit their enrolment so they appear.



Click the enrolment to edit the dates.




For some enrolments, these will have been done automatically from a teaching group and you won't be able to edit from here.



You'll need to click into the enrolment into the teaching group and edit that instead.


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