Using the Basket to make payments on Parent Portal

Using our Basket feature, you can add payments to your basket to allow you to pay for clubs, trips, meal or other account top-ups for multiple children all in one household in one payment!

Please note that this feature is not available on the Parent App. To use the basket feature, you'll need to be logged into the Parent Portal on a computer. You can continue to make payments individually on the Parent App.


Adding a payment to the basket

Once you've logged in, just add a payment for a Club, Trip or top-up account such as Meals.

Alongside the button to Pay now, you'll also see the option to Add to basket.



You'll get a notification to let you know the payment has been added. Click the link to proceed to checkout or click X to continue and pay later. The notification will disappear on its own after about 30 seconds.

Remember, payments aren't made and clubs and trips aren't booked until you pay for the items in your basket!



Seeing and paying for your basket

You can go to My Items > My Payments from the top menu to access your basket. In your basket, you can see all the payments you have yet to pay and empty your basket if needed.



If you click a payment you can edit the amount if it's a top-up or a payment that accepts variable contributions and Save changes. You can also remove the payment from your basket.



If you try to edit the payment amount below the minimum threshold you won't be able to continue.



If it's no longer possible to pay for something, you'll see a banner on this page and red text explaining the issue. This could be because the school has already logged a payment on their side, the school has removed the payment options, if the maximum number of participants has been reached or if the signup window has closed, so you'll need to contact your school for more details.

You'll need to click the button to remove all the payments that you can't pay for before you'll be able to pay for everything in your basket.



To pay, click the green Pay for all items in basket button and add your card details - Arbor accepts Visa or Mastercard only. You may also be asked to provide authentication.



Important note on clubs

Important note on clubs: Until you pay for the selected club, the child will be signed up as a provisional member. This means although you can make further payments to the club and the child appears to the school on the list of potential participants, they are not confirmed and will not appear in the register.

If you clicked the Cancel button, the child will be provisionally signed up but the payment won't appear in your basket.



Here you can see the amount is there to pay in the clubs section, but doesn't appear in the basket. The school will see the child provisionally signed up.




To add the club to the basket or pay, you'll need to return to the club section and click on the outstanding payment. You can then choose to add the payment to your basket and pay right away, or select the membership periods and click the grey button to withdraw from the club.


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