Webchat with us if you've taken a look at the Help Centre and need a bit more help with a quick question. You can get in contact with us via webchat on weekdays between 8am and 5pm (On Fridays during the summer holidays 8am - 12pm).

To start a webchat, go to any page on the Arbor Help Centre and wait for the Help icon to pop up in the bottom right-hand corner.



Type in a key phrase you're looking for then click the Enter button on your keyboard.



You'll be shown a list of resources we think might be useful to you.



You can click a resource to view a preview, or open it in a new tab by clicking the icon next to the title.



To start a webchat with our support team, click the Live chat button at the bottom of the popup.

Add in your name and email address (so we can email a log of your chat once it's over), then add your message and click Start chat.

Our support team will then chat to you!


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