Resolving exam clashes

You can see and take action on exam clashes, when students are scheduled to take two or more examinations at the same time.

What you'll need before getting started

Before looking for clashes to resolve, please make sure you have allocated candidates to an exam room. You don't have to assign them to a seat in the exam room. You can see more details on this here: Why is the exam scheduled for the wrong time?


Seeing and fixing clashes

For a whole exam

Potential clashes for students or groups are shown before a candidate is seated. Go to Students > Examinations > Scheduling > Allocate Exam Room. 

Select the exam to check there are no clashes in your exams. Here you can see if you will have any potential clashes, or actual clashes.



To resolve the potential, you can move students to a different room. Click the student to select a different time or room for the exam to take place in, then click Change Exam Room.

There will now be no text in the Clash Status column.



To allocate students to a new room in bulk you can use Bulk action button select Allocate Exam Room. You'll see a drop-down with a summary of the students and their access arrangements.



For individual students

You can see if any of your students have clashes in Students > Examinations > Scheduling > Exam Clashes. You can also access the same page from Students > In-house Exams > Scheduling > Exam Clashes.

Please note:

  • The rows are coloured in alternating blue and white to group clashes for students together by clash. In the example below, Alexander King has two exams that clash, then three exams on another date that clash. Then the next student has two that clash.
  • The date and time shown in each row are the exam's date and time, not the candidates'.



Resolve the exam clash by clicking the clash and assigning the student to a new Invigilation room or move their exam to a different time.



Entries Conflicts - Scheme or discount code clashes

You can see and resolve discount scheme code conflicts for Exam Entries in Examinations > Entries > Entries Conflicts.

If a student has been entered into two exam awards with the same scheme or discount code, they’ll be displayed in the table. You can then select the student using the tick box, then use the Bulk action button to withdraw them.

Screenshot 2024-01-23 at 16.21.48.png


Want to filter to only certain types of clashes?

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