Creating and printing exam seating plans

You can make seating plans in Arbor for examinations, useful for printing and putting up on the door of exams so students know where to sit. To print a seating plan, go to Students > Examinations > Scheduling > Assign Seats.


To print exam seating plans, you'll need the Qualifications: Administers All Students permission. If you don't have this permission, ask your admin team to assign it to you.


Printing one seating plan

To print a seating plan for an individual sitting or exam, click into the sitting or exam.

Seating plan

Click the Print button, and select Print Seating Plan.



Table View

Click into the tab, and you can download the table to PDF or another output to print.



Top Tip: When downloading to Excel, you may need to wrap your test for it to display properly.



Printing seating plans in bulk

On the By Sitting tab (you cannot do this from the By Exam tab), tick the boxes next to the sittings to print seating plans. Click the Bulk action button and select Print Seating Plans.



Select your formatting options, and click Print.

Please note that it isn't possible to change the text layout or size.



The seating plans will then be downloaded to your computer in one PDF file.



You can open it and print your seating plans. There's room at the bottom of each page for your invigilator to sign.


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