Allocate candidates to an exam room

Once you have entered candidates for exams in Arbor, you can add them to specific exam rooms.

What you'll need before getting started

Make sure you've set up any exam rooms you'll need to be able to select them - if you need to set up more rooms you can follow these instructions: Setting up exam rooms


Assigning candidates to rooms

To assign rooms, go to Students > Examinations > Scheduling > Allocate Exam Rooms and click on the exam.



Tick the boxes next to the students you want to allocate to the same room for the exam, and click the Bulk action button to select Allocate exam room.



In the slide over, select the room, then click Allocate Candidates to Rooms.

Please note that you can add more than one room here, but the students will only be added to the first room selected.




You can also click on a student to assign them to an exam room.



What's next?

Now you've assigned candidates to the rooms they'll be taking the exam in, you can assign them to a specific seat on the seating plan following these instructions: Assigning candidates to exam seats

You can also see how to unseat candidates from the seating plan and room following the link above.

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