Set events as cover required or not required

When an event requires cover and a staff member is marked as absent, the event will flag on the cover page. You can see how this works here: How do I assign cover?

If you don't want an event to flag as requiring cover, or want to mark a different event type as requiring cover, you can follow the instructions below.

Please note that this only applies to school events - it isn't possible to toggle this setting for clubs, internal exclusions, interventions, trips, detentions etc. These will automatically flag as needing cover on the Cover page as long as an absence has been recorded.


  • Academic structure: Administer - View and click into all school events from the All Events (List)
  • Staff Profile: Action: Cover: Administer or Staff Profile: All Staff: Basic HR Administration or Staff Profile: Absences: Administer and Staff Profile: Absences: View - Add and manage cover
  • School: Action: Calendar: Administer - Create, edit or delete any events for staff, students and guardians.
  • Staff profile: Action: Calendar: Administer - Create, edit or delete any events for staff.
  • Student profile: Action: Calendar: Administer All/My Students - Create, edit or delete any events for students and associated guardians.

If someone can't complete an action, you can give them the right permission using these instructions


Toggle whether an event requires cover

To set an event as requiring cover or not, you can do this while creating the event, or when editing it. To edit an event, go to School > Timetable > All Timetabled Events (List). Use the filters if you need to narrow down the display to just events, then click into the event you want to toggle this setting for.


Editing a single event

Select the Requires cover field to toggle this setting, then click Save to save your changes.

It will then be flagged in School > All Staff > Cover as requiring cover if a staff member is absent.


Editing a repeating event

For repeating events, you can only choose whether all instances of the event should require cover - you can't toggle this for each session. If you want to choose whether each session requires cover separately, you would need to set each one up as a single event.

Go to the Repeating School Event tab and select the Requires cover field. In the slide over, tick the cover box.

Once you edit if a reepeating event requires cover, future sessions of the event will be flagged on the in School > All Staff > Cover as requiring cover if a staff member is absent.





Does changing an event to not require cover move it to the Cover Not required tab on the cover page?

No, events will only show on this tab if they were marked as requiring cover, and you've marked it as 'Cover Not Required' from the cover page.

Does marking an event as 'Cover Not Required' from the cover page change what's shown on the event overview?

Marking an event as 'Cover Not Required' from the cover area will not change the overall settings for the event.

When you access the event from School > Timetable > All Timetabled Events (List) it will still show that cover is required.


Can we toggle the setting for events in the past?

No, you can only toggle this setting for a single or repeating event that has not yet happened. The box will be greyed out if you click into a past event.


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