Track and report on Parental Engagement for the Parent Portal and Parent App

Once you've switched on the Parent Portal and Parent App and sent out login details, you can track the number and percentage of guardians that are engaging with Arbor. You can see more about parental engagement in Arbor here: Parental Engagement features in Arbor

Go to Students > Parents & Guardians > Parent Portal Usage.

In the Stats table you'll see:

  • The percentage of students who have had at least one of their Primary Guardians log in at least once this academic year.
  • The average number of logins per week so far this academic year.



For each figure, the statistics are split into:

  • Current Students - These are students currently enrolled in your school.
  • Future Students - These are students who have accepted a place at your school and who have a future enrolment date.
  • Applicants - These are applicants to your school for this or future years who have an application status that is not Enrolled, Withdrawn or Rejected - read more about this process here

Please note that these figures:

Below the statistics, you can also send communications to guardians using the bulk actions.

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