Why have I been sent an email to top up SMS credits?

Users with the School: Communication: Setup permission will receive an email asking you to top up when your balance is below 150 credits, and another reminder when your balance is at or below 0.



You can check who will be sent this email by going to School > Users & Security > Permissions. Select the School: Communication: Setup permission and go to Users from the left-hand menu.



Can we change who this message is sent to?

The only way to prevent people from receiving these emails is by removing the permission, which can also remove the ability to complete other actions. If you do need to remove the permission, you can see how to do so here: Remove a permission from a user


We don't use Arbor for SMS messaging

If you don't usually use SMS at your school, this will have happened because a staff member has sent an SMS from an area of Arbor, such as using the follow up from the Attendance > Absentees By Date page.



You can check what SMS was sent by going to School > Communications > All School Communications, then selecting Outbound SMS.



What next?

If you use SMS messages at your school, you'll need to top up your account to continue to be able to send them. You can see how to do this here: SMS Billing and how to top up your SMS credits

If you don't use SMS at your school, you do not need to top up. However, please advise your staff to not send SMS messages through the MIS.

There isn't a way to switch off the ability to send SMS completely in Arbor, but you can switch off the ability to send mail merge SMS. Go to School > Communications > Setup > Permitted Senders Setup. Tick the box next to the blue pencil icon, then click the pencil icon and select Disable sending SMS.


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