How can I view all upcoming student birthdays?

Upcoming birthdays

In Students > All Students > Browse Students > Birthdays or Students > All Students > Birthdays, you can see a list of all your students' birthdays and ages the students are turning, along with upcoming birthdays at the top of the list.

You can bulk select multiple students to perform a variety of actions, including sending communications (e.g. email or SMS) to parents or students.



Birthdays in a certain month

Go to Students > Demographics > Derived Indicators and select Birthday.



Click into the filters to select the month.

You can also choose to show the inverse of the demographic - in this example, this function would show you everyone who is not born in April.



You can see a list of students, including their name, year group, and registration form.

You can download the table, click on a student to see more details, or jump to their profile.


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