Exam fees and costs reporting

Fee information comes from the O basedata file - we automatically bring this into Arbor so you can set up exams. For more details on basedata, see our guidance here: How does Examination Basedata work in Arbor?

This feature does not include collecting or paying costs for Exam Fees, integrations with payment gateways or financial institutions.

Seeing and editing amounts

EDI exams

Go to School > Examinations > Qualification Offering and select the award. Click the Qualification Offering button.

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Click into the Exam Fees tab.

You'll see one line per series. Click on the fees to update them.

Top Tips:

  • Some basedata may not include the fee information so the field will be blank.
  • It isn't possible to reset the amount so you'll need to amend the amount.

If you are unsure what the amount is, please contact the Awarding Organisation.

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Non-EDI exams

As Non-EDI exams aren't set up with basedata, you need to define the fees. Go to School > Examinations > Non-EDI and select the award.

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Scroll down to the Exam Fees section and click on the fee to update if needed.

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When you add new Candidate Entries, a new row will be added to the Exam Fees section so you can define the fee.

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Reporting on fees

To report on the fees, go to Students > Examinations > Entries > Exam Fees

Use the filters to select the academic year, awarding organisation and series if needed.

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You'll see each award as a separate row in the report, including award and series details, fee, number of entries for internal and external candidates and a total cost.

You can see an overall sum in the bottom right.

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