Check and report on Candidate Entries by subject or student

You can report on student entries in Arbor, which you can print out for your staff to sign and confirm. You then use these numbers to inform your exam fees and costs reporting.

Entries for one qualification

You can check you have not entered students into conflicting exams, such as one that has Higher and Foundation components.

Go to the Students > Examinations > Qualifications > Qualification Offering page and select the exam. Then click the Entries Overview tab.

entries overview.png


Total number of entries

You can find a report of the total number of candidates entered into different awards and units from the Students > Examinations > Entries > EDI Candidate Entries page.

Use the filters to drill down into a particular year, awarding organisation or series.



Entries for external candidates

Use the Students > Examinations > Entries > Entries by Student Group page. Click into the filters and select the view Eternal Candidates.

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Printable entries by subject

You can print out a list of all students who have entries for a particular subject. Please note that these will not show the awarding organisation name.

Go to Students > Examinations > Entries > Download Statement of Entry.

Add a filter for a particular series as needed e.g. June series.

  • Use by subject for candidate names, numbers and entries for the award and unit codes.
  • Use by course for candidate names, numbers and course details. Top Tip: If this download is blank, make sure you have linked your courses: How can I link an exam to a course?



There will be space at the bottom of either printout for your department or subject leads sign off the entries.



Total number of exams per student

To see the total number of exams each student has been entered for, go to Students > Examinations > Entries > Candidate Entries Summary.

However, this won't give you one single column that displays the number - you would need to download the table and use an external system to calculate this.



What's next?

Once you have confirmed the entries are correct, you must create and export an EDI file out of Arbor to then submit to the exam boards

Exam entries are not automatically sent from Arbor to the exam boards. You will need to export them and upload them to the exam boards directly.

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