How do we migrate SEN (Special Educational Needs)?

Different Special Educational Needs information is migrated to Arbor, depending on your previous MIS system.

What is migrated?

We migrate:

  • SEN Needs and current SEN Statuses from ScholarPack, CMIS, Integris, Progresso, SIMS and Bromcom.
  • SEN Events from Integris, Progresso, SIMS and Bromcom.
  • SEN Reviews (as SEN Events) from SIMS and Bromcom.
  • The SEN Status History and previous SEN Statuses for students from ScholarPack, SIMS and Bromcom.
  • Education Plans from ScholarPack and SIMS.
  • SEN notes from SIMS.

The information above is migrated for current students. It is also migrated for applicants from SIMS and Integris.

What isn't migrated?

We do not migrate:

  • SEN additional support information from SIMS.
  • SEN Provisions.
  • Custom SEN statuses - these will migrate to Arbor as No Special Educational Need. Please see this article for further details on the recognised statuses: What are the SEN Statuses of N, E and K?

Should you need to add or amend any details, you can see how to do this here: Adding SEN (Special Educational Need) for a student

Statement (S)

Please note that although we do migrate SEN Statement from CMIS, Integris, Progresso, SIMS and Bromcom, this is no longer valid so should be changed: Edit or delete an SEN need or SEN Status

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