Record a student as home educated or home-schooled

If a student is homeschooled, they usually wouldn't be enrolled into a school.

However, you may wish to record the destination for a student who is leaving your school to become homeschooled.

When unenrolling the student, you can add the Leaving Reason, then click:

  • Unenrol & Add Destination School if you want to record the destination
  • Unenrol Student if you're happy to base reporting on the Leaving Reason only



If you've chosen to add a destination, you can select it from the list if you've set it up before, or create a new one. Make sure you put the start date to ensure the destination pulls through to reports and isn't set as Ongoing.



You'll then be able to see the student is homeschooled on their student profile, and in reporting such as the Leaver's report.



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