In year leaver - Ending or deleting a student's enrolment

Please note that if you want to unenrol students in bulk, you can do this in Step 2 of the New School Year Setup process.

Delete enrolment (For students who never attended your school)

To delete a student's enrolment in your school, go to the Enrolment section of the student's Student Profile.

Click on the student's current enrolment into your school.



In the slide over, click the orange Edit button. Don't click the Unenrol Student button.



In the next slide over, click the red Delete button.



Then confirm you would like to make the deletion.



The student will then no longer be enrolled in your school.

Please note that:

  • If you added the student as an applicant, they will still be marked as Enrolled in the Applicants section.
  • If you want to delete the student from your system before the data retention period expires, take a look at this article.



Ending a student's enrolment (For students leaving your school)

To end a student's enrolment, go to the Enrolment section of the student's Student Profile. Click on the student's current enrolment.



in the slide over, click on the orange Unenrol Student button.



Select the leaving date and reason, then click one of the Unenrol options.



Editing a student's leaving date

You can edit a student's leaving date if they have been unenrolled by mistake by following these instructions: Editing or removing a student's leaving date


Redundant Marks

If you've been entering attendance marks for a student after they left until you received confirmation from the new school that they had arrived, you might have redundant marks on the profile. These appear because Arbor doesn't automatically delete any attendance marks, even when they're for sessions that a student has been removed from.

You may want to delete the redundant marks so they don't show on attendance certificates and don't impact their attendance - one removed their attendance statistics may change depending on which marks have been removed.

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