Running Intervention Groups and Managing Students in them

Most of the ‘day to day’ intervention administrative tasks will take place in the Intervention Group Dashboard.

From the Intervention Group Overview, it is possible to:

  • Manage student enrolment
  • Monitor which students have reached their intervention outcomes
  • Transfer students to another intervention group
  • Enrol students into an intervention group
  • Unenrol students from the intervention group
  • Edit basic group details such as the Group Name and the Lead staff member



Managing student enrolment

Basic student management can be performed by using the bulk actions in the Participants who have met their outcomes table, and the Enrolled students table on the Intervention Group Overview page.


  • Unenrol a student - this removes the student from the intervention group entirely.
  • Transfer a student - this option allows you to transfer the students to another group within the intervention.

It is possible to view a list of formally enrolled students in the Manage Students page


The Manage Students page

This page allows you to control student enrolment and to view the intervention group’s previously enrolled students.


The Enrolled Students table’s bulk actions allow you to:

  • Transfer students
  • Unenrol students


The Former Students table shows all the students who were previously enrolled in that intervention group. The Destination column shows what happened to the student after they left the intervention group.

From the table’s bulk actions, it is possible to re-enrol students into the intervention group.


The Enrol Students page

This page shows a list of all of the students within school that meet the intervention’s Participant Criteria. Students can be enrolled in the intervention by using the Enrol students bulk action.



Adding Students to Intervention Groups

Students can be enrolled in an intervention group by using the bulk actions found on tables throughout Arbor.

To enrol student(s) in an intervention:

  • Select the tick symbol a the start of the student’s row
  • From the bulk actions dropdown, select Add to existing Intervention Group
  • Select the appropriate intervention and intervention group from the Select an intervention slide over
  • Click Add to Intervention



Students can be enrolled into an intervention group using bulk actions in the following areas of the MIS/ SIS:

  • Attendance
  • Behaviour Incidents
  • Points Awards
  • Permanents Exclusions
  • Temporary Exclusions
  • Curriculum Markboo
  • Summative Tracking -> Input
  • Standardised Assessments -> View Marks
  • Custom Report Writer


For more information, you can watch a video about Moving Students in Interventions here.

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