Track Intervention Costs

Permissions needed

  • Manage interventions - One of the School: Intervention: Administer permissions the Student: Special Education Needs: Administer My/All Students permission (also called Student: SEN: Administer My/All Students)
  • Manage intervention costs - Finance: Administer or Intervention: Intervention Finance Administer

If someone can't access a certain area, you can give them the right permission using these instructions

Setting up costs

To see intervention costs for one intervention, go to Students > Interventions. Select the intervention and go to the Costs and Funding tab. From this page, the following can be set:

  • Staff costs - Only staff allocated to the intervention can be included in the intervention costs
  • Additional costs
  • Intervention funding sources - Set at a whole school level



Reporting on costs

Intervention Costs

Go to Costs > Intervention Costs from the left-hand menu.

This page contains information relating to the Intervention costs to date and the projected costs for the end of the academic year.

  • Costs to date are a cumulative report of the costs incurred by the intervention until the current date.
  • Projected costs are the costs incurred to the current date, plus any costs that will be incurred until the intervention’s End Date.

Note: the costs calculations are based on the total number of hours the intervention is scheduled to run for and the students currently enrolled in the intervention. They do not take into account any unscheduled interventions and are accurate at the moment the screen is opened. Any additional scheduled sessions, additional staff members or changes student enrolment will result in adjusted calculations.



Funding sources

These can be viewed by going to Interventions > Costs > Funding Sources.

Funding sources are set at a whole school level and require the user role Finance: Administer permission.

Intervention funding sources allow you to manage the list of funding sources available for you to allocate intervention costs against. Funding sources, such as Pupil Premium, allow you to record and track how you are spending the pupil premium grant for individual students and report this back to your local authority.

Arbor manages a default list of funding sources. Through this section, you can add new funding sources to meet the needs of your school and also remove unnecessary ones.



To add a funding source, click +Add. Set a name for your funding source and click Create.



Can we report on different date ranges?

The costs pages allow you to report on costs for the whole academic year. It isn't possible to report on different time periods such as monthly or termly.

It is also not possible to report on this using the Custom Report Writer.


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