Ad Hoc Interventions

Ad Hoc Interventions allow users to schedule a one-off session without having to go through the long set-up of interventions. Schools often have unplanned pastoral intervention sessions with students, for example, a quick time-out. Everyone can see where the student is, as the session can be seen on the Lesson Dashboard, in Alerts, and in student and staff timetables and calendars.



You'll need one of the School: Intervention: Administer to create Ad Hoc Intervention sessions and see new ad hoc interventions in your Alerts You'll also need to be linked to the student in some way, such as being their teacher. If someone can't access a certain area, you can give them the right permission using these instructions.


To reduce the number of clicks we will by default select Pastoral Intervention (created by Arbor) but if you'll be running time-out sessions or a similar kind of Ad Hoc Intervention that isn't linked with an existing ongoing intervention, you can set up an over-arching intervention. Go to Students > Interventions and click +Add to create this.

Once you have set this up, staff will be able to create Ad Hoc Intervention sessions, all linked to this over-arching Time out intervention.



Adding an Ad Hoc Intervention session

You can schedule an Ad Hoc Intervention from three places.

1. By clicking Create Ad Hoc Intervention in the Favourites menu on your Homepage.

2. Using the bulk actions on the Lesson Dashboard.



3. By going to Students > Interventions and selecting the intervention. Go to the Ad Hoc Sessions tab and click +Add



This will open a slide over where you can add the details for the session. We will by default select Pastoral Intervention (created by Arbor), but you can select a different over-arching intervention to link it to.

If you leave the field blank, this will set up a new over-arching Intervention.



The next time you add an Ad Hoc session, you'll be able to select this by default.



Add the students and select the start and end time. You can select a location for the session to take place if needed, and add a note regarding the reason for the Ad Hoc Intervention session.

The staff member will default to you, but you can remove yourself and add someone else if needed.



You'll then be taken to the intervention session overview, where you can see the note that was added.

Please note: You can't add additional students and staff once set up - you would need to delete the session using the red button, then log it again.



Scroll down to the bottom of the page to take further action with the students if needed.



How do other staff know someone is in an Ad Hoc session?

Staff linked to the student (such as their registration form tutor) will see that the student has an ad hoc intervention in their Alerts on their homepage.



You'll see a note on the Lesson Dashboard for any lessons that overlap with the Ad Hoc session.



This will also display in the register.



The session will show in the Planned Absences & Notes section of the student's profile.



It will also show in student and staff calendars and timetables.




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