Review an Intervention

The Intervention Review screen allows you to review the progress of an intervention to date. When the review is complete, it is possible to:

  • schedule another review
  • extend the intervention
  • end the intervention prematurely
  • finish the review

To complete any of these actions, go to Students > interventions > Select the Intervention. In the Intervention reviews section, you can see any completed and upcoming reviews.

You'll need one of the School: Intervention: Administer permissions or one of the Student Profile: SEN: Administer permissions to manage students in interventions. If someone can't access a certain area, you can give them the right permission using these instructions



To reach the Intervention Review area, within the Overview area of your chosen intervention click on the 'Due Date' inside the Intervention Reviews box. 



A slide over will appear, in the slide over select 'More information' which will take you to the Intervention Review page.



Here you can schedule another review, extend the intervention, end the intervention or finish the review by clicking the relevant buttons on the right-hand side.



For relevant interventions, the Outcomes Met table shows how many students have met their outcomes to date.



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