Importing KS2 results using a CTF

To import your KS2 results into Arbor, you will need to have generated a CTF:

  • the current academic year from the Primary Assessment Gateway
  • for 2020 and 2021, end of year assessments were cancelled due to Covid-19, therefore you cannot import any data
  • the DfE’s Key to Success or Get Information about Pupils (GIAP) website for past years

Importing the results

Step 1 - Select your file

Go to School > Data > Import > CTF Import.

Once on the CTF All Imports page, click +Add to start the process of importing your CTF.



In the slide over, click Browse and select the file from your computer.

Do not input a Default intake season, leave this box blank. Once complete, click Upload CTF.



Step 2 - Decide what information to import

Once uploaded, return to the CTF Imports dashboard and you will see the CTF File you have just uploaded.

Click on this and a slide over will appear. Click More.



You will be taken to the CTF Import Overview page.

Decide whether you want to import all information in the CTF, or just the assessment details.:

  • If all information, skip to step 3
  • If just assessment results, click the Bulk Set Import Sections button



In the slide over, untick everything except for Assessments.



Step 3 - Confirm the import

Click the Update / Import All Students button.



Click Ok and the CTF will start to import.



The imports with then show as 'Processing'.



You will get a notification when the CTF has imported.



You can then refresh your page.



How do we import results for only certain students?

If you only want to import CTF data for some of the students included in the CTF, you won't be able to use the bulk button. You'll need to click into each student you want to import data for.


Seeing the results

Primary schools

Once you have imported the CTF, individual results will then appear in Students > Assessments > DfE Assessments > View Marks. You can also view them from the individual student's Student Profile.

Statistics compared to last year will appear in Students > DfE Assessments > Analysis > Key Stage 2.



Secondary schools

Once you have imported the CTF, individual results will then appear in DfE Assessments > View Marks. You can also view them from the individual student's Student Profile.



You won't be able to use the Students > DfE Assessments > Analysis > Key Stage 2 page as you will not be looking at students who are currently in Key Stage 2. The fields will show N/A.


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