How do I add my exam basedata to Arbor?

Whether you need to follow the process below before making entries into exams will depend on the type of exam.

Do we need to import our Basedata?

Is the exam a BTEC Award registration or result basedata for the September (9B) or July (7B) series?

  • If so, the basedata for this is centre-specific, and needs to be imported into your site.
  • For all other cases, Arbor will import the public basedata automatically for you, and you do not need to import it.

You can read more about basedata here: How does Examination Basedata work in Arbor?

Please note that you may have other series available for units, such as Jan (1) and June (6). Pearson BTEC awards are only available for September (9) and July (7) series.

Importing basedata

Step 1 - Get the basedata

Obtain the basedata from Pearson.

When requesting basedata from Pearson, please ensure the correct year's basedata is provided - this will be indicated by the filename you receive (e.g. a 7B22 basedata provides the July 2022 series, 9B21 provides the September 2021 series).

Step 2 - Check your basedata

Before importing your basedata, make sure that:

  • You have added your school's centre number: Set up your centre
  • The basedata file is in a zip folder
  • The basedata is your centre-specific Pearson basedata only - uploading other basedata will not work

Step 3 - Import your basedata

Go to Students > Examinations > Administration > Pearson Basedata Upload.

basedata upload.png


Click +Add and select the file, then click Upload.

upload basedata.png


What's next?

Once you've imported your BTEC basedata, you can then add your BTEC Award(s) to the Qualification Offering page. Carry on from Step 2 - Set up your Qualification Offering in this article: Setting up BTECs

Top Tip: If you can't add the qualification or see the series right away to make entries please wait until the next day.

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