Setting up Pearson BTECs and using 9B and 7B files

This article covers setting up Pearson BTEC qualifications, to enable you to make entries. Please see our other guidance for other exam types here: Add exam awards and units for different qualification types


You'll need the Qualifications: Administer All Students permission to set up exams. If you don't have permissions, ask your administration team to give you permission using these instructions


What you'll need before getting started

  • Pearson's Entry code information - available online or as a PDF download.
  • Access to Pearson Direct if basedata is required.
  • The entry codes for any BTEC Units, and course/scheme codes for your centre's version of each BTEC Award that is offered.
  • If your BTECs have centre-specific basedata, you'll need to know whether you'll be managing early registrations in the Awarding Organisation (in which case you'll only need the 7B file), or both registrations and results in Arbor (in which case you'll need both the 9B and 7B files).


9B or 7B files

9B files are issued to schools much before 7B files. 9B are optional to import, and can be used to make registrations early.

If you'd like to import these and make early registrations through the awarding organisation (not through Arbor), follow the same instructions as linked below. You would just enter students into the 9B September series instead.


Setting up BTECs

Step 1 - Import your BTEC Basedata

Arbor automatically imports all public basedata (including BTEC Unit basedata for e.g. Jan or June series) available via the Pearson website.

However, we are unable to automatically import BTEC Award registration/result basedata for the September (9B) and July (7B) series because it is centre-specific.

You will need to import this into your site to add the award to your Qualification Offering - follow these instructions: How do I add my exam basedata to Arbor?

Step 2 - Set up your Qualification Offering

Once you've imported your BTEC basedata, you can then add your BTEC Award(s) to the Qualification Offering page.

Top Tip: If you can't add the qualification or see the series right away to make entries please wait until the next day.

Add BTEC Awards to the Qualification Offering

Go to Students > Examinations and click the +Add new button. Find the award and click Add offering.

Top Tips:

  • Use your school's course code for the qualification, rather than the QAN as QAN will return a list of all versions of the Award that we have on record rather than the one for your school.
  • Pearson have different codes for 9Y22 revised BTEC Technical awards, please see the guidance here:Making entries into 9Y Pearson Redeveloped BTEC Tech Awards and 1Y Units


Add BTEC Units to the Qualification Offering

Using the Entry Code - this should produce a single result for you.


Link BTEC Awards and Units

Once you have added your BTEC Awards and Units to the Qualification Offering, you can link them together in order to make for easier administration, such as making entries and withdrawals.

To link an Award and Unit, go to the unit's page via your Qualification Offering.



Once the Qualification Offering for (Unit's name) page appears, select the Qualification Offering tab.



Scroll down to the 'Manually Linked Awards' section, and click 'Add'.

Enter your Award's course or scheme code from the drop down, then click 'Add offering'.



You'll see the Award appear under the Manually Linked Awards section.

You can also then find the Unit on the Entries by Student Group page if you've selected your course/scheme code as the 'Scheme (EDI Only)' option. 



What's next?

Once you have added the exams you'll be offering to your Qualification Offering, the next step is to make sure you have your candidates set up, ready to make entries: Setting up your exam candidates ready for entries

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