I can't add the right qualification or unit for exams

You need to add exam awards or units to your site to enable you to make entries. This is done by clicking +Add new from the Students > Examinations > Qualifications > Qualification Offering pages.

You may find that you are unable to locate the right award or unit in the slide over.

Step 1 - Effective searching

  1. Search in the box for the QAN code - you won't be able to search using the short code.
  2. To add 9Y Pearson Redeveloped BTEC Tech Awards and 1Y Units, use the award identifier. You can see how to do this here:  9Y Pearson Redeveloped BTEC Tech Awards and 1Y Units
  3. For EDI qualifications you can also search for the qualification entry code (sometimes called the scheme code) found on the exam specifications - for example, GCSE English Language.

Top Tip: It is referred to in the Ofqual register as the Qualification number.

Step 2 - Check the entry codes

Check on the exam board websites for any updated entry codes for exams.

AQA Entry Codes book

OCR entry codes

Pearson Entries & information manual - you would usually use these resources:

  • 2 - A Level and AS Level - Pearson Qualifications Information Manual
  • 5 - GCSE - Pearson Qualifications Information Manual
  • 11 - BTEC, NVQ, SVQ and Apprenticeships - Pearson Qualifications Information Manual

The OCR Entry Codes document for Cambridge Nationals, which can be found on their website's Entry Codes page.

Top Tip: Use Ctrl + F (Windows) or Cmd + F (Mac) to search for the name within these documents.

Screenshot 2024-01-18 at 11.51.11.png


Step 3 - Check the exam is accredited

We are only able to add qualifications to Arbor that are listed in the Ofqual register.

If you want to add other qualifications to your site, use an In-house exam.

Step 4 - Check the series is available

From the same resources on exam board websites, check if the series you're looking to enter candidates into is still available.

In the AQA example above, you can see this in the Series availability column.

You will only be able to make entries into a series if it is offered by the exam board.

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