Setting up Cambridge National qualifications

This article covers how to set up a OCR Cambridge National qualification to make entries into.

Please see our other guidance for other exam types here: Add exam awards and units for different qualification types


You'll need the Qualifications: Administer All Students permission to set up exams. If you don't have permissions, ask your administration team to give you permission using these instructions


What you'll need before getting started

  • The OCR Entry Codes document for Cambridge Nationals, which can be found on their website's Entry Codes page.
  • The Cambridge Guide to Making Entries explains all the codes and assessable combinations for Cambridge Internationals. You can download this from within Cambridge International Direct - more information can be found in the Cambridge Exams Officers’ Guide.
  • You should identify the overall Entry Code for the subject - for example, Creative iMedia J817.
  • You'll also need the full Entry Codes for the subject's mandatory and optional Units you are offering, for example, R081 and R082A. These Entry Codes should include any letters at the end, For example R082A, R082B or R082C.


Step 1 - Add the qualification

Go to the Qualification Offering page via Students > Examinations.

Click on the '+Add new' button.

In the slide over, input your subject code (e.g. J817). This will then allow you to select the related Award from the drop-down box. Click 'Add offering' to add this Award.

You'll then be taken to the Award page. Click the 'Back' button in the top-left to return to the Qualification Offering page.


Step 2 - Add units

Click the '+Add new' button again, and this time search for your first Unit.

You'll need to type the full code for the unit, such as R042A or R042B - if you don't include the final letter, Arbor won't be able to look up the unit successfully. Once the result is displayed, select it and click 'Add offering'.

You'll then be taken through to the page for the unit.


Step 3 - Manually link awards and units

This article explains why linking is needed, as well as how to link them: Link exam awards and units

Once you've added in all the units you require, you should see all the units in the Manually Linked Units section.


What's next?

Once you have added the exams you'll be offering to your Qualification Offering, the next step is to make sure you have your candidates set up, ready to make entries: Setting up your exam candidates ready for entries

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